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Game Controls:

LMB to shoot/build ## WASD to move ## Space bar to jump ## Shift to crouch ## Z, X, C, V, or Y to switch building platforms ## F, 1, or 2 to switch weapons ## R to rotate stair/reload ## G to make door on platforms ## E to open doors ##

Details About the UBG Game:

1v1.lol is a competitive online game where you can show off your skills in a third-person shooter showdown. It's not just about aiming and firing – you’ll also build platforms, ramps, and walls to outsmart your opponents and stay safe.
The main goal? Be the last player standing in a tense 1v1 battle royale. How to Play:
Survive the longest by being the smartest and fastest player on the map.
In 1v1.lol, your main task is to eliminate opponents and stay alive until you’re the last one left. It's like a game of hide and seek, but with more building and shooting!

Shoot and Build:
This game isn’t just about shooting; it's also about building. You can use platforms, ramps, and walls to create your own fortresses and defenses.
You’ll have a bunch of cool weapons at your disposal, including an ax to smash through your opponents’ walls. And don't worry, your keys are set up for quick building, so you can build and battle like a pro.

Be Tactical and Think Fast:
1v1.lol is all about being clever and quick. Fast building and sharp shooting are the keys to victory.
Thankfully, you can practice your building skills in build mode without worrying about getting shot. This way, you can perfect your tactics and be ready for the real action.

One awesome thing about 1v1.lol is that you can jump into the game super fast and unblocked. No delays, just straight into the action. It's perfect for a quick game during breaks or whenever you want to have some fun.

So, are you ready to start your adventure in 1v1.lol?
Whether you’re building a sky-high ramp or sneaking up on your opponent with your trusty ax, there’s always something exciting to do.
Sharpen your skills, build like a boss, and see if you can be the last one standing in this epic battle game!

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